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    Noel Holley Walkers I am ready... Nothing can stop me now with all these resources

    Like · Reply · like love wow 1.2K · 53 mins

    Tim Hazelton Finally! Loads of coins to complete my Walkind Dead mission

    Like · Reply · like love 981 · 1 hr

    Reba Rodriguez Can't believe this Walking Dead generator is working. I was skeptical until I saw my account filled with so much coins

    Like · Reply · like wow 882 · 1 hr

    Jacob Baker I have so much fun now with my Walking Dead game. Zombieees prepare yourself :D

    Like · Reply · like haha 613 · 2 hr

    Terry Chavarria I just completed one short survey and after one restart on my iphone, the game has loads of coins and food

    Like · Reply · like 544 · 2 hrs

    Diana Kirk Niceee!!! Today i generated a lot of coins and food, will come back tomorrow for generating materials

    Like · Reply · like 503 · 3 hrs

    Andrew Vaughn Gooddyy, my precious coins :D Zombies can't stand a chance now

    Like · Reply · like haha 468 · 3 hrs

    Jeremy Alday This walking dead generator worked even on my older Android phone. Very nice! Satisfied with my resources!!

    Like · Reply · like 364 · 4 hrs

    Kristen Radford Works like a charm! Thank you guys, you are awesome

    Like · Reply · like love 309 · 5 hrs

    Willie Emory I've used this Walking Dead cheat tool 2 times in a row. Great results each time...

    Like · Reply · like 286 · 6 hrs

    Ethan Wilson More than 900k coins and materials... Thanks guys.

    Like · Reply · like wow 197 · 7 hrs

    David Manning I've waited for 15 minutes and my account was populated with so many resources... now i am ready for a war with the zombiesss

    Like · Reply · like 85 · 8 hrs

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